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ASPENOL is a PVA Free bio-eliminatable new generation chemically modified starch compound, blended with polymers and additive for spun size application for cotton, polyester blends and 100% polyester spun yarn. Introduced as a single shot product. Forms stable solution of high adhesive power. Imparts high strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance to the spun yarn. Improves weaving efficiency of high reed-pick construction fabrics on high speed shuttle less looms ( 300 to 900 rpm) with great efficiency which is of big importance to the economics of textile industries. Also eliminates need of lubricants, softener, & binder/acrylic polymers and incase of overdried yarn,efficiency is not affected. It gives low COD value compared to PVA rich recipes used for airjet looms and weaving of heavy construction fabrics.  
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A Non-ionic Softener 100% solid product is a new generation softener gives extra ordinary flexibility to starch, provides lubricity , smoothness. Hence after waxing mechanism can be avoided. Due to its binding nature and extra-ordinary lubricity ,it is recommended to be used @ 1 % on weight of starch. 1 kg of Sun-soft replaces about 7-10 kg of mutton tallow or Synthetic tallow.
SUNCRYL, is an eco-friendly acrylic polymer 100% solid product super ultra high molecular weight , co-polymer, helps to from continuous and smooth film on yarn, also give lubricity, and improves the coating of protruding fibre on yarn. It has great ability to associates with starch like binding, abrasion, resistance, wetting, penetration, adhesion and can replace 2-3 kg, PVA by kg SUNCRYL. This product is design to sell to manufacturers of modified starch / One Shot sizing product and also to customers who are inclined to use sizing product in power form.
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SUN-ACP (25%)
SUN-ACP (25%) a flexible synthetic polyester resin to improve adhesion and cohesion for the sized spun yarn, for cotton , polyester blends and also 100% zero twist filament yarn. Specially designed to impart abrasion resistance and cohesion index of sixed yarn. Starch recipe gives the sizer lowest viscosity with highest starch / polymer concentration improving sizing in heavy reed – pick. since this product has low viscosity (viz 4-12 CPS), one can even use upto maximum 25% - 30% in weight of starch.
sundaramindustries sundaramindustries
sundaramindustries sundaramindustries